Blues - Boogie - Rockabilly - Bayou - and BBQ!

The BBQ All Stars are here, joining our favorite food with your favorite styles of music...and now, a Official Endorsed Entertainer of the Kansas City Barbecue Society! Our unique gift is to unite all in the audience, young and old, with a fun 60 minutes of excitement and everybody singing along to all original show with songs like:

"Crazy 'Bout My Bacon" - a Texas swing in the spirit of Lyle Lovett that is fast becoming the next release and video candidate

"Never Too Hot" - a ZZ Top-boogie, about those of us who just love that heat. CD version has Ace Frehley on lead guitar.

"Squeal Like a Pig (Sou-eee!)" - Stonesy riffs with a sing-a-long that has everyone joining in.

"Big Chef" - the Professor Longhair classic of "Big Chief", about the leader of every kitchen and BBQ crew. 

****BREAKING**** Just recorded it with John Regan (Frampton, Steven Stills, Ace Frehely and the Stones) on bass and Clifford Carter (MD and piano for James Taylor, on piano)

"Chili - Chili - Pepper" - South of the Border and praising the almighty chili.

"High on the Hog" - Chicago Blues and a tribute to our porcine friends.

"A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A Bird" - The Cab Calloway hit

"Baby Back Ribs" - by hit songwriter, Steve Hardin, our only PG-rated song with triple entendre.

and of course,

"My Baby Loves BBQ" - a flat-out rockabilly rocker about my baby who,  indeed, loves BBQ.


The BBQ All Stars is built around Chris Cassone who can perform solo (with software accompaniment). But the band can exist as a trio, quartet (add a lead guitar) or even 8 pieces with a full horn section. We travel without sound so PA must be provided.  We are based in LA and NY but spend most of our time on the road. 

For those with the budget, I can perform with stars such as John Regan (Frampton, Stones, Ace Frehely) and Jamie Oldaker (Eric Clapton, Steve Stills, Tractors) and more.

Call for quotes: 845-225-2539.