Coming: The World's First PIG Guitar

I am working with craftsman, Vinnie Ricotta, and my cartoonist, Rick Enright, who will create and carve my show-stopping guitar. Dubbed, "Lil' Squealer", (by my friend and bass player, Jim Nowak) it will ultimately have my Rock 'n' Roll Pig's face smiling out of the belly of the guitar. 

Vinnie is world-renowned and has created guitars for James Young of STYX and Steven Segal among many others. See how he does it at his site, Custom Carved Guitars, up in Buffalo, NY.

I will document the step-by-step process here. First came the design stage and Rick drew the image I wanted. He has been doing a great job with all of our logo images. Check him out...TrueToons.  I bought an Epiphone Les Paul Special II (a clone) at Guitar Center and shipped it to Vinnie who stripped it and carved the pig face (and tail) into the basswood body.

On the drawing board with Rick's image and Vinnie's prep (all photos from Vinnie):

Vinnie will strip everything but the black on the neck, becasue it will be all pink when done.

Here is the evolution of the guitar with his stages of development:


Next stop: primer and sanding then painting and soon we'll have Music From Pig Pink!

And this,

First coat and color check:

Carvng and painting done:

Final airbrushing, shadowing and laquering:

And the headstock, complete with original Fender font (Gibson font didn't do it for me.)