All The Way to Memphis

You know you are getting close when you see signs like this:

From West Virginia, through Kentucky, down to Nashville, I passed Civil War sites, the KY Bourbon Trail (yikes), Daniel Boone's Wilderness, Mammoth Caves, and Lincoln's birthplace.  And I sang the Mott The Hoople hit all the way. So after 9+ hours I was ready for dinner. My first choice was Leonard's Pit BBQ (closed on Mondays) but that neon pig will figure into the music video big time. Corky's in Cordova (a Memphis neighborhood) was perfect. Manager Christa Gilliland treated me like royality with stories, good cheer and a special plate of samples (pulled pork, smoked sausage and brisket) as I had the dry rubbed ribs. We don't get food like this anywhere up north or even out west. No sauce just a spicy paprika-based rub and the ribs stay just as succulent. Had a great time there, what with all the 50's music (doo wop, Chuck Berry and Elvis). 

Tomorrow: Graceland, the Rendezvous and Cozy Corner before heading to Muscle Shoals Recording Studio.


"Mr Brown" is the dark, almost burnt part of the roast pork butt (shoulder) that is often shaved away so the final roast doesn't get too dark and charred. Ahhh, but BBQ lovers stand in line for "burnt ends" that are chopped and sauced up. 

Christa from Corky's

dry rub Memphis style


But I am also partial to John Hiatt (with the AMAZING Sonny Landrreth on slide) and "Memphis In The Meantime" "with a Telecaster through a Vibralux turned up to ten" (h/t Ace La Vida)

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